Erfahrungsbericht von unserer Patientin Natalia Z.

In March 2015 I fell down the stairs in my house and broke my hand in the wrist area. For me as a cosmetologist, it was the worst-case scenario- my hands were my main working tools.

Following my friend´s recommendations, I consulted an experienced surgeon in Moscow. He told me that he did not see the need for any surgical intervention and advised me just to wait until my bones grow back together.

The bones, however, were not healing properly and on top of that- I could not return to normal working schedule since the mobility of my hands was limited. For me it was a hit below the belt. I understood, that continuing my work as cosmetologist was impossible without a surgery. I needed a high-level specialist, so I decided in favor of doing my surgery in Europe.

Private Medical Club company´s manager arranged some preliminary consultations with several surgeons based on already available x-ray pictures. But also here the situation was more complicated that I thought: the doctors fell into two camps.

The first option was to proceed with the ulnar shortening osteotomy and to shorten the bone until the area right after the fracture point on the radius bone. Such surgery was the safest way, but the probability that the mobility of my hands will still be limited after it, was quite high. I did not want to take any risk.

The second option was a restoration and elongation surgery of the radius bone, which was more complex and required impeccable precision. This surgery was offered only by two professors.

Thus, on 22nd of July 2015 the surgery was successfully carried out in Germany by Professor Müller, and two days later I was already back in Moscow. I could recover my hand mobility back to 100% and I could easily get back to my previous work- all thanks to Professor Müller and Private Medical Club.

By the way, during one of my consultations I was told, that in Germany a patient could sue the doctor for not treating such kind of fracture with gyps, since it can be considered as an inaccurate medical advice.